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Rotating gravitational ellipse Berlin 2015

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From second order space by time to ellips.

The estimation in the Newtonian Gravity equations

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Precession of Mercury Le Verrier

Le Verrier began studying the motion of Mercury as early as 1843, with a report entitled Determination nouvelle de l'orbite de Mercure et de ses perturbations (A New Determination of the Orbit of Mercury and its Perturbations). In 1859, Le Verrier was the first to report that the slow precession of Mercury's orbit around the Sun could not be completely explained by Newtonian mechanics and perturbations by the known planets. He suggested, among possible explanations, that another planet (or perhaps, instead, a series of smaller 'corpuscules') might exist in an orbit even closer to the Sun than that of Mercury, to account for this perturbation. (Other explanations considered included a slight oblateness of the Sun.) The success of the search for Neptune based on its perturbations of the orbit of Uranus led astronomers to place some faith in this possible explanation, and the hypothetical planet was even named Vulcan. However, no such planet was ever found, and the anomalous precession was eventually explained by general relativity theory. Suppose that all planets have an orbital motion as a rosette. All planets have an rotating ellipse for their orbit. Then we can formulate a mission statement: Make equations resulting in a rotating ellipse. The equations will be made out of the gravity equations. We should be able to stop the rotation of the ellipse to have the same result as the gravity equations. Mission statement: Make Euclidean equations resulting in the rosette motion. The equations will be made out of the gravity equations.

Ir. Stefan Boersen


Newton (1643-1727):gravitational ellipse

Einstein (1879-1955):rotating gravitational ellipse

Niels Bohr (1885-1962): A rotating wave movement


Rotating gravitational ellipse

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Third order

Third order

Third order