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  Rotating gravitational ellipse  Berlin 2015
  The differentiation of energy by time  
  Differentiating to the Gravity equations  
  rge  2015 march 18
  Space by time  The Differentiation of
  Calculating overview  Third order
  Discussion with  Starting in 2012
  Invariance of  The speed of light
  Fysics mission statement  Just do it!
  Gravitation extention  Lets do it better!
  Gerard 't Hooft  Professor dr. Gerard 't Hooft, Universiteit Utrecht - Einde van discussie.
  Gerard 't Hooft  Professor dr. Gerard 't Hooft, University of Utrecht - End of discussion.
  Coriolis(1792-1843)  The only way.
  Artificial intelligence?  Dear Professor
  Newton's theory of gravitation  From fitting equations to data to understanding.
  Relativity and third order  Euclidean space?
  Second and third order  All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.(Nietzsche)
  From relativity to third order  Differentiate time t out of equation
  d(dx/dt)/dt=mg  Changing equations
  Ether wind  The invariance of the speed of light
  Logic  logic
  Bohr, De Broglie  Second order to third order, consequnece for the frequency
  Space by time  The differentiation of space by time, Pythagorising
  Some statements  Relativity
  dP4/dt  Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
  VWO  Going to highschool......
  Cern  Just one person of the CERN institute. President of Council at CERN, Sijbrand de Jong
  UUAP Rudy Fichtenbaum  The unbiased data rule of data and mathematical equations of science.
  UUAP Rudy Fichtenbaum  The calculation rule of science.
  UUAP Rudy Fichtenbaum  Rotating gravitational ellipses, Euclidean and relativistic
  UUAP Rudy Fichtenbaum  Roterende gravitatie ellipsen, Euclidisch en relativistisch
  University of Leiden  14 simple equations
  First law of science  The data law of science
  Second law of science  The calculation law of science
  Third law of science  The alternatives law of science
  Fourth law of science  The logic law of science
  Fifth law of science  The agreed data law of science
  t' = t + 1/2 Vr (t t)  d(t')/dt = 1 + Vr t Imagination gets you everywhere (and in conflict with logic)
  Arrogance is the claimed equality of the supposed being and the verbal (mathematical) description.  Arrogantie is de geclaimde gelijkheid van het verondersteld zijnde en het woordelijk ( mathematisch) beschrevene.
  For this to be science  For this not to be science
  dE/dt  dE/dt
  Niels Bohr (1885-1962)  Electrons make a circular movement with a wave on this movement.
  From relativity to Euclidean  Rotating gravitational ellipses Euclidean and relativistic
  Partial Differentiation  Partial Differentiation
  Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976)  Energy uncertainty
  Lagrange (1736-1813)  The definition of energy
  Vincent Icke (1946-)  Vincent Icke
  Einstein E=mc2  Einstein E=mc2
  Einstein E_mc2. The original document  Einstein E_mc2 . The original document
  Einstein E=mc2 in one picture.  Einstein E=mc2 in one picture.
  Lorentz  Hendrik Lorentz (1853-1928)
  dF/dt  Aging string F = c0 x + c1 t
  dF/dt  Force is not the solution for everything
  d()/dt  Differentiating by time.
  The defintion of time  Of what order is the problem? There is no progress in theoretical physics. The defintion of second order time.
  The rotating pendulum of Foucault  Adding a rotation to a pendulum.
  Gravity  How does gravity work?
  Electromagnetic spectrum  
  Planck constant  
  Invalid?  The invalid second law of SJ Boersen 1
  da/dt  Changing accelerationir. SJ Boersen 2
  Coriolis  Coriolisir. SJ Boersen 3
  The plan
  Han Geurdes  
  dF_electric/dt = -1 dF_magnetic/dt  
  The friction force  
  Just being polite